After 15 years of love and heavy use, our current garden is now in need of complete overhaul. Significant upgrades are also needed as the current landscaping and equipment are not fully accessible to all children. Our brand new Sensory Play Garden has been planned with inclusion at its core, with all areas fully accessible, to enable all of the children to have fun and relax.

It will stimulate the senses through touch, sight, scent, taste and sound. It has been designed to alleviate sensory overload, physical restrictions or difficulties in socialising experienced by some of our children.

The garden will incorporate colourful, accessible and robust play equipment, a sheltered activity area, sensory sculptures and new surfaces that enable children, including those using wheelchairs, to have full easy access over the whole garden. They will be able to have fun on their bikes and trikes and enjoy a quiet area when experiencing sensory overload. Raised beds will engage children in gardening activities that can help increase fine and gross motor skills, along with learning how to grow fruit and veg. The produce can then be used by our Chef to make nutritious meals for dinner or during cookery club.

Ultimately, the Sensory Play Garden will provide the children of Cherry Trees with activities and entertainment while staying a safe distance from others during the pandemic. This can then allow us to care for more children.

We have already received significant assistance, with almost half the project funded by Grants and Trusts. With works starting in November 2021, we are now asking the public to help us raise at least a further £3,000 or more to help us secure all the funding needed and make our Sensory Garden Project happen.

Please can you help us by donating today to make our Sensory Play Garden come to life and enable our children to play as they deserve?


Other easy ways to donate: 

  • Contact us on 01483 222507 to donate by card over the phone.
  • Pay by bank transfer and quote ‘garden’. Please contact us for details.
  • Send a cheque payable to Cherry Trees to us at School Lane, East Clandon GU4 7RS.

If you have any questions, contact one of our friendly team by phone on 01483 222507 or by email at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.


Psst... All gifts, whatever the size, are welcome! Each will help make this much needed garden a reality for our vulnerable children. Thank you.


In the event that the appeal raises funds over and above what is necessary to complete the Sensory Play Garden project, funds will be allocated to cover other Cherry Trees charitable expenses.