For our families their child will always need to be cared for there are no weekends off, bank holiday breaks or often holidays are never really thought about.  Many children are non verbal, do understand dangers, are strong and forceful, can need round the clock medication and varying behaviours which means it might be hard to go out of the house, difficult to transition from one place to another, may react in different ways to noise or people so getting some respite, knowing that there child is being cared for and is happy at Cherry Trees is a lifeline for so many.  

One parent and her daughter had their very first camping trip together off down to Devon this year.  It meant that while her son was at Cherry Trees, they spent time looking in the rock pools for sea creatures and playing on the beach Megan could just be a young child herself, away with her mum, proudly showing her beach 'finds'.

Can you help to support these families by lending a hand through a donation.  An hour of support can make a huge difference to a family.  

"We love being able to sit down and watch something of our choice, without being tugged or jumped on. When he is at Cherry Trees we can have a take-away, the little things that people take for granted. We enjoy the peace - the normality."

"For our daughter she can do her favourite things, like go to the park with the yellow tunnel slide, being free to play. She also likes going  swimming at the local pool and recently she went to an activity day."

"We can enjoy having friends round, the house is calmer, and I can cook. we can  go our for a meal – ideally a curry or a steak and spend time with each other."