Here at Cherry Trees we want to nurture, encourage and support every child that visits us, and help them to develop independence skills within a fun and safe environment. Our unique home from home provides the perfect setting for this, and the children love the soft play, games room, sensory suite, art room and holistic space. These rooms at Cherry Trees are incredibly important, and they provide space for not only the carers and children to enjoy, but for external entertainment groups to come in.

Our sensory, art and holistic rooms are located in The Barn, a building that is separated from the house by the garden. We often use the sensory room when children are struggling with the noise of the main house, or for those children who need some quiet time after over-stimulation. When we need to move a child to the sensory room quickly, having to get them dressed for the journey across in the cold and wet can be a real struggle. For the children in wheelchairs, having to battle across the rain-soaked grass is not easy on 4 wheels, and those children sometimes end up missing out on the exciting activities that are available in The Barn in the winter.

We want every child that comes to Cherry Trees to be able to use all of the facilities that we have, which is why we have planned to build a walkway between the house and The Barn. This will go from the downstairs corridor of the soft play area, right across the garden and into the art room. It will be fully accessible, with extra room allocated on either end for a full wheelchair turning circle. It will be fully enclosed, providing a dry, safe and accessible route connecting the two buildings. This will give all of the children the ability to access every area of Cherry Trees whenever they want or need to no matter what the weather is- even in their pyjamas!