You can play in groups of four or five in the Cherry Trees Bridge league.  

A group of five pairs is £300 or £240 for a group of four.  All players of any standard are welcome.

We ask you to make up a group of 4 or 5 couples with whom you enjoy playing bridge and decide who will be the “leader” of your group.  You play 20 hands of rubber bridge against each couple, record any grand slam made, as well as recording your own, and your opponents’ scores.

There will be a prize for the overall winners, runners up and 3rd place, a prize for any grand slam called and made, and a small prize for remaining winners of each group.

If you would like to play, your group leader needs to complete the entry form below and pay for a group ticket using the online ticket purchase option at the bottom of this page. We will then send a score sheet and rules out to your team leader to be distributed.

When your matches have all been completed, we ask group leaders to collect the Score sheets from all the couples in their group and send them in to Cherry Trees.


The cut off date for this season will be Friday 12th April 2019.  To qualify for one of the overall prizes, at least 4 Score sheets for the group must be in by then (or 3 Score sheets for a group of 4).


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Ticket Quantity Price

Group of 4 ticket

Decrease Increase £240.00

Group of 5 ticket

Decrease Increase £300.00