The Gin Kitchen founded in 2016 has been successfully distilling and selling gin for the last four years, notable for the durable and unique bottles, playful in their artwork and naming of each line of gin. 

With a range of flavours from; "warming aromatic spices take centre stage with zesty lime cutting through, blending well with oaky juniper" (Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin) to the "silky smooth... opulent finish" of The Ginger Cat Gin, finishing garnishes recommended for each gin hint at some of the key ingredients that push the palette - citruses, sage leaves and red berries. 

If innovation and creating a great quality product is the driver for co-founders and friends Kate and Helen, then they deliver in the look, feel and taste of their products, with their moto #Dowhatyoulove testament to how the story of the business started. 

From the quiet and historic setting of former farm buildings, the real journey for the product once distilled, bottled and packaged up starts with gin shipped as far afield as Singapore, with custom recently secured in Bermuda. 

COVID-19 has seen the distillery in demand with major orders placed by leading London based luxury retailers, shipments of hand sanitizers going to our armed forces whilst new customers found their way to the Gin Kitchen with orders across the UK rocketing. 

Welcome - the Gin Kitchen and our hosts of our next Cherry Trees virtual get-together, supporters of our cause and a company we are pleased to be affiliated with. 

Interested in joining us on a dark winter's night? Here is all you need to know about our virtual talk and tour of the distillery. 

Key Information: 

Friday 16th October. 

Zoom virtual get together, starts at 17:00 (please be ready to sign into the 'meeting room' a few minutes beforehand). 

To sign-up please email Debbie at: [email protected] to register and receive the meeting password.

The talk and 'tour' around the distillery will last for around an hour with the chance to ask Co-Founder Kate questions at the end. 

'Attendance' is free with donations made to Cherry Trees on our homepage greatly welcomed. 

Hard to resist and cheeky in it's character! Blushing Monkey Pink Gin. 

All you need is a comfy seat, your PC/ Tablet or mobile and ideally a nice beverage to enjoy as you sit back, watch and learn more about the Gin Kitchen, a business partnership founded on friendship, good taste and a product to tell the world about! 


The Gin Kitchen is currently open for in person talks, tours and carefully and safely organised tastings.

For more details go to: 

Call 01306 889598 or follow @theginkitchen on Instagram. 

All images used on our page copyright The Gin Kitchen, no re-use without clearance from The Gin Kitchen.

Booking for this event has now closed.