Thanks to the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People, Cherry Trees will be receiving a grant for two new hoists for use in the house.

The first hoist will be installed in the lounge during the May closure. The lounge has always been one of the children's favourite spots to play, and with the newly repaired roof they spend more time in it than ever. Having a hoist in this room will make it more accessible and will allow every child's needs to be catered for, meaning that all of the children can play together.

The second hoist will be installed during the September closure after we finish work on the downstairs bathroom. This will mean that there is minimum disruption to the children and that when they come back after the closure there will be a brand new bathroom and a brand new hoist for them!

We are so very grateful to the DM Thomas Foundation for Young People. The new hoists will make a huge difference to the stays of so many of our children. Thank you!