I love popping over to the house to see what’s going on, who is in and what they are up to and as always there is plenty! Last week I was chatting with some of the care team and one of our boys came out of his room with sleepy eyes and ruffled hair, having just woken up.

It was 10am and it filled my heart with joy to see a young lad being able to have a lay in as it was the summer holidays. Many care homes are very rigid with routines such as times to get up or go to bed, however what makes Cherry Trees special is that we treat each child individually and have a flexible approach, especially during holiday periods – just like the children would have at home. After a short while this young man was asked if he wanted breakfast and off he sauntered with his carer to get the breakfast he requested. Little things like that make such a big difference.

We are now in the busiest period of the year, as parents have their children home 24 hours a day and are in need of short breaks in order to cope. Our care team have created a great programme of events over the summer which allows the children to get out and about but also to relax with their friends – like we all love to! There has been visits to Birdworld, to the cinema, joining Sean’s amazing birthday party and the children also came out and supported our riders in the Pru 100.

We also had a visit from Bezerkaz Circus recently. What a fun afternoon for the children, interacting with the two performers and playing with massive coloured bubbles. The children were running through the bubbles chasing them around the garden. Staff were spinning plates, it was a delight to watch.

Honestly we do get some work done here in the fundraising office, but seeing all these things going on makes the job easier as we can see on a daily basis the impact our work at Cherry Trees is making.