Listening to children about their wishes, feelings and aspirations is very important to the staff at Cherry Trees. After every visit the children are asked for feedback about their stay which is documented in their notes, we also support children to complete 6 monthly questionnaires and regularly ask them their thoughts about the running of the home such as menu, activity and décor choice.

Children's views

"I'm feeling a little emotional - Cherry Trees has re-opened for business and I've missed you!"

"I make more friends because I meet new children"

"You have fun when you are at Cherry Trees, the staff are really kind and helpful, they are there when you need them"

"I like making jam sandwiches at Cherry Trees"

What do you enjoy most at Cherry Trees?

"Soft play"

"Sensory room"

"Big blue bus"

"Going out with my friends on trips. We went to Pizza Express for my birthday"