Our cousin Alex has a poorly brain which means he doesn't understand the COVID-19 lockdown. During the school holidays his sister, our cousin Megan, often comes to play with us but at the moment she's not allowed to.

This means that she doesn't get as much time to spend doing the things she enjoys.

When Alex is having fun at Cherry Trees, Megan can do things with her Mum and Dad, knowing Alex is safe and happy.

We have decided that no-one in our family is going to speak for 24 hours to raise money for Cherry Trees.

Thank you for donating to help Alex and Megan and lots of other children like them.

From Elinor (11), Pippa (9) and Cecily (6).

UPDATE: Thursday 9th April - the girls are doing so well with their fundraising we have had to increase their target to £500, encouraged by Mum. Please keep showing your support by donating to their challenge page here today !

The Sponsored Silence Runs Friday 10th April to Saturday 11th mid afternoon. 

Thank you. 

Thomas Family