Chris Malley

We've been cycling comrades for over seven years. Our love for off-road cycling was where it all began, but before long, we were riding on the tarmac too. 

We took part in our first Prudential RideLondon back in 2017. We're now back in training to ride for Cherry Trees in 2019.

Adi - I suffer from Ankylosing spondylitis, which has meant football and some of my other favourite sports are off the cards. But I never want to feel defeated by it so I decided to push my boundaries and keep active through other means. Training is well underway, we're already tackling some of my favourite climbs such as Box Hill. 

We both know of the life supporting services that Cherry Trees provides, and we’re absolutely buzzing to be riding for children’s respite care this summer. 

Please support us and get our wheels spinning! 

Adi & Chris 

Chris Malley