I am a parent of special needs daughter Disha, 25 years old, who was born with autism, Cerebral Palsy and has severe learning difficulties, is epileptic and uses a wheel chair. Disha is fully dependent and needs 24x7 care. My wife and I cared for her for 18 years. It was Cherry Trees in Clandon who supported Disha with tea breaks and overnight stays a few days a month. This really helped Disha to learn to be independent and helped Disha move on to stay in supported living.

This lockdown we could not meet Disha for more than 6 months, who otherwise used to come to stay with us for couple of nights every month. Disha coped well without meeting us for so long, and Cherry trees has a major contribution in enabling her to cope this long.

Cherry Trees in East Clandon provides home from home respite care for children and young people with severe learning and physical disabilities. Cherry trees stayed open every day since COVID began with incredibly committed staff, diligent working practices and policies, and are doing everything possible to keep going.

We owe a lot to Cherry trees and trying to give back over years in whatever small way we can to support. I am not a professional cyclist, just started cycling on weekends last year with a group of friends on my Hybrid bike. I have chosen to cycle on 8th May for a minimum for 50 kms in Surrey Hills Classic event with my few friends to raise money for Cherry trees.

Please do donate if you are moved by my first hand account as a parent. Please leave a reference HILLS 2021 DAYANAND at the time of donating. 

Dayanand Patil