Jon Webb

Weeks 3 and 4 = hard work! After completing my half marathon and pushing myself a little harder than I realised my legs have been quite tired. After a few rest days and taking it steady with a shorter 6 mile run, i've managed to find my way back to a long slow 10 mile (16k). I finished the week with a spot of interval training on the Sunday covering another 4 miles (6.4k) alternating walking and sprinting. (That's if you can call what I do sprinting!!)

On the days of planned runs, when it's hard to get up and out it would have been so easy to decide to shorten or even cut out the odd run with the excuse of aching legs but remembering why I'm doing this and who I'm doing this for, spurred me on to shrugging off excuses and getting out there and getting on with it.

A particular lad I worked with for a number of years at cherry trees has pushed me on, over the last two weeks - despite his difficulties, he constantly pushed himself further than others expected of him. Hayden had Cerebal Palsy and although a little unsteady, was fully mobile at times. I remember how much he loved running about, playing the odd game of football in the Cherry Trees gardens. He couldn't play for long as it would tire him out but he so wanted to lead a 'normal life' as he put it and to be active. Hayden's not with us any more but when I think fondly how he grew up, loved life and would of wanted the chance to have a go at the marathon, like I am in April I get my head down and get on with it. For them - our Cherry Trees youngsters.

Hayden's memory has carried me onto week four, putting in nearly 20 miles across the days! A trip away on a cruise ship hasn't got between me and my marathon running but sitting on board enjoying the evening buffet scoffing cheese and biscuits is going to make the return to training hard! Watch this space. 

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Jon Webb