sarah newman About a year ago our accountant, Sarah-Jane, visited the health centre for a routine checkup.
Her blood pressure reading was dangerously high and the nurse marched her straight down the corridor to see the GP.
The doctor prescribed lots of drugs and said it was all down to her weight. If she lost the weight her BP would return to normal and she wouldn't need the medication.
Sarah-Jane was very dubious over loosing even a quarter of the excess weight but then got to thinking....her weight loss challenge was nothing compared to the challenges faced everyday by the young people who stay at Cherry Trees. They and their families have a lifetime of challenge.
So S-J gave herself a year to get fit, lose weight and reduce the medication. She joined a gym, signed up for personal training and started to eat healthily.
Weight loss to date is 5 stone (some more to go) and she is certainly much fitter. Her BP medication is down to just one low dose tablet.
To finish her year with a physical challenge S-J will be running 10 miles in the Great South Run on 21 October 2018. She is very grateful to all the many people who have encouraged and supported her along the way and in return she is happy to take their £cash in donations to the charity that is such a big part of her life. In making a donation please be aware that S-J has not run anywhere since the 100 metres at school sometime in the Jurassic era.
S-J denies any connection between Pink Gin consumption and entry into the Great South Run. It is all because she failed to notice the witnesses to her verbal agreement. sarah newman