If you know me, you know that I'm not a swimmer. Don't get me wrong, I can float and make it to the other end of the pool in one piece, but I have never attempted to swim long distances. So 1 mile will be a challenge. 

But that is the point. After watching the fantastic job that Cherry Trees carers do every single day, and learning about what life is like for families with children who have complex disabilities, challenging myself feels like the right way to raise money for Cherry Trees. 

Cherry Trees
Cherry Trees provides vital respite care to children with complex disabilities. While the children have fun, take on new adventures, and pursue personal goals, their parents and siblings (who are often carers themselves) get to take a break from their 24/7 care responsibilities. By being given the opportunity to rest and recuperate, families become more resilient to breakdown, ultimately creating a happier life for all those involved. 

Cherry Trees has been providing exceptional respite care for over 40 years. Through this time, their ethos has always been child first, disability second. This means that children are seen for who they are, rather than being limited by their disability. They are encouraged to pursue their interests and develop key life skills that will boost their quality of life and independence. 

Swim Serpentine
On the 18th of September, I will be putting on my swimming cap and attempting a one mile swim in the beautiful (if not slightly mucky) Serpentine in Hyde Park. With just 40 days to go until my swim, this will be a true challenge. 

If you'd like to support my (slightly crazy and last minute) challenge, please donate on this page. Any support will be very much appreciated! All the money raised will help fund essential respite breaks at Cherry Trees, supporting some of the most vulnerable families around Surrey.

Zsuzsi Kiss