Nigel Long Having completed earlier runs to Cornwall and around the home counties, it’s now time to take on the majors – we are attempting to drive all the way to Monte Carlo in a car worth no more than £500!

The team (consisting of myself, Brian Barr, Cameron Barr and Patrick Stockman) is leaving the UK on Thursday the 19th July and we will be making our way slowly to the south of France, with a number of pit stops on the way.

We will be carrying out various challenges throughout the trip, and we’ll also be wearing themed fancy dress costumes for each day of the trip – pictures will be available on our social media pages!

We’re running a British theme and paint scheme, and we are calling ourselves the 4 Brexiteers. Our slogan is ‘We Will Remain’ and we have christened our German car ‘Boris the Banger’! Nigel Long