Cherry Trees is a wonderful organisation that does so much to support children with disabilities and their families. Thanks to Cherry Trees, the children get the opportunity to go a place where they can do fun activities, enjoy themselves and have a change of scenery whilst socialising, making friends and working towards achieving their personal goals.

The hard working parents of the children, who are on the go almost all the time, also get an opportunity to relax, while knowing that their children are safe and happy.

One of us also has a sister who goes to Cherry Trees, and she absolutely loves being there, and it is a lifeline for the family.

Supporting Cherry Trees can help them provide the much needed support to the children and their families.

Please get behind Vishal and his friends this spring with a donation. This incredible supporter knows the difference our work makes to local families and is prepared to scale The 3 Peaks this year for us. Let's all get behind the four of them. Thank you for your support.

Vishal Madhan