They hosted their very own fundraising event, The Surrey Hills Hoedown asking over 100 friends and family to join them at their barn dance as cowboys and cowgirls and now, they've completed the major sporting challenge they had in their sights this spring. 

Three friends; Glen Lewis, James and Dave Peck successfully completed the ASICS Manchester Marathon back on 7th April and raised in total over £2,000 for Cherry Trees. 

Glen who is an experienced runner, cyclist and former member of the armed forces has a good level of fitness, but was still astounded with the time he brought in over the finish line: "I managed to achieve the dream with 2hr57 to go sub 3hrs. James peck after suffering with injury for months and not getting a longer run than 6 miles in and his brother jumping in at the last minute went over the line together 3hr40." 

They chose us based on the locale of our charity to where they grew up and because they really had faith that the money raised would come straight to the cause, directly funding the respite visits we provide to families with children with disabilities. 

Heroes! Three pints so well earnt, by Glen and The 

Pecks Brothers. Image copyright Glen Lewis. 

The trio have impressed Cherry Trees with their pro-active, self-sufficient and go-getting attitude. Community Fundraiser Debbie Boulter said; 'Right from the start when the boys contacted us, we knew they were going to be amazing fundraisers because they were full of ideas, confidence and knew how they wanted to go about bringing in donations. By opting to put on an evening out for their friends everyone benefited and it meant their friends and family were fully on board with their run. We thank them all for choosing us and for running so hard in Manchester. Very well done from us all." 

If you want to be a Glen or Pecks Brother (!!) and have decided 2019's the year for you to do something for us, check out our website. 

Under 'Get Involved' you can see how we can set up a challenge fundraising page for you like Jon Webb's - he's running the London Marathon for us, as well as details of challenges we have spaces in:

Go for it!