Cherry Trees is launching a one month appeal asking for members of the community to donate potential raffle prizes to help boost fundraising across 2019.

We are using the post-Christmas period to try and source a stock pile of good quality new items for our raffles for planned fundraising events including ‘A Big Band Vintage Evening’, a charity Golf Day and an Indian themed evening.

If you received ‘yet another’ hand-wash and hand cream set, a boxed gift, board game or even have left over bottles of wine from the Christmas food shop that you could spare, we would be very glad to receive any donations.

Jill Cook Head of Fundraising at Cherry Trees said; ‘Often over Christmas we all receive a gift which we smile and thank you for, but secretly know we could live without. And it’s these items be it the socks, the wine, the book which you can afford to let go of, that are new but could go a long way to helping us raise money that we would be grateful to receive.’

It’s hoped people will have gifts they would like to donate, or can ask their friends, colleagues or community for a group collection and are then able to drop them off at Cherry Trees, Clandon.

On average our raffles at events raise between £250-£1,000 which all goes towards financially supporting our young people’s activities, sleep overs and well-being at Cherry Trees.

If you would like to donate, or have a larger collection of items that you may need some assistance with, get in touch with Anna on; [email protected]