“An enormous thank you for all the care and help that was given to Ben by all the staff.  It was second to none.  He always loved coming and we could also relax whilst he was there.  Without your support I very much wonder if we would have manged to keep him at home for eighteen years” 

"We couldn't have coped without you" 

“A place where my child has no pressure to conform and where she can be herself and I know she is well looked after and cared for”

"If Katie was asked to pick her favourite thing in the whole wide world, she would without doubt say Cherry Trees"

“Thank you all for taking such good care of my princess.  All your hard work, support and dedication over the years has been amazing.  We will miss you sooo much“

“All the staff in Cherry Trees are very helpful and easy to communicate with.  Staff consistency helps autistic children like Mike.  Meals at Cherry Trees is another pressure off for us, it’s much easier than other places where we always have to consider how to keep the food warm and tasty enough for his lunch box.  Cherry Trees is definitely the first choice for Mike when it comes to short breaks”

“It gives R independence and enables him to meet other children without pressure. For us Cherry Trees is an absolute godsend!”

“It allows O to access toys and mix with peers that he cannot do at home. It allows us to recharge our batteries and focus more on his siblings”

"It offers a safe, friendly, caring environment for my child"

"Without the support of Cherry Trees we would not have managed to keep our son living at home."