This is an unexpected cost for us, so we need your help us raise the awareness of this appeal and raise the money to get it repaired.  

This great lounge give Jack every time he visits a chance to get the car track out and play cars with his carer.  

It allows Joe time to to sit and play with the train track and Tessa a chance to sit down with her carer and her her favourite story over and over again. 

Amelia loves to play the piano and whilst everyone might not think so! Sarah love the horse and everyone loves the movies.  We want to make sure this room continues to give our the fun and enjoyment it has for so many years.  

We have been assured that the new roof will be guaranteed for 25 years - you will be helping to make a lasting change.  

Please help us by sharing this appeal as much as you can and lets give the children back the lounge they love to be in.