Partnerships that work!

We understand companies work in different ways and come in many shapes and sizes.  We recognise that partnerships need to be simple, effective, rewarding and fun.  So when we work with you, we listen to what you like to do and develop ideas between us that benefit us both from a partnership. 

We would love to be Cherry Partnered with you.  

Being partnered with Cherry Trees allows us to make the difference in the daily lives of the children that stay with us- from brightening up our garden or living spaces, providing funds so we can take children out on visits, arranging for some entertainment in the house, to providing funds for a family who desperately needs a break but can't afford it. Without your support we could not provide the hours of care, which is so essential to our families.

Corporate partnerships can offer many benefits. Some of these include, but are not limited to, increased awareness, boosting staff moral and team work, and a warm feel good factor knowing you are making a real difference to our families and children.   

We recognise that with your expertise, together with our cause, we can create something special.

Many our of our corporate relationships involve

Charity of the Year - Volunteering days - Sponsorship of events - gifts in kind - volunteering skill sets - selling our merchandise - team building events - joint campaigns - customer focused promotion - payroll giving. 


If you would like to know more please get in touch by ringing Jill on 01483 222507 or email on [email protected] 

"I am so glad that we were able to get a team together that made some difference. From the buzz in the office this morning, they had a great time and really felt that they were making a difference."


"The Directors and Staff at Martin Grant Homes chose Cherry Trees as their local charity because local is good and the cause is children who need help. It is a cause we can all identify with and importantly, we know that the money we raise goes straight to the cause. Quite a few of the Directors and Staff have visited Cherry Trees to see what goes on and we often feature their activities in our newsletters. It has been great to have something touchable to raise money for and it gives everybody a purpose and a good feeling about all the efforts that our fundraising activities generate."

Noel Grant, Chairman, Martin Grant Homes 

"We are so excited to really get planning now and look forward to a fantastic day volunteering with you."