Much like any home our dining room is a hub in our house. Used for gathering and enjoying time together, it is where our young people and staff gather to enjoy tasty hot meals and engage in contagious conversations. To make this possible, we aim to create a joyful and soothing environment where our children and staff enjoy being.

We were lucky enough to be able to add a playful twist to our dining room recently, with Paintings in Hospitals installing two new art pieces. The artwork chosen reflected themes of childhood and play, intended to evoke joy and encourage interaction. One piece by Posie Simmons, a writer and illustrator of books for children and adults, depicts an image of a cheese pyramid – a detailed sketch with mice characters. The second artwork is by author and illustrator, Michael Foreman, depicting a mystical flying green dragon.

We are delighted that the artworks have found their new home at Cherry Trees, with Head of Care Paula Rankin saying:

"Thank you so much, the paintings look absolutely wonderful. Our dining room has been
transformed and the paintings have become a conversation starter. We’ve even started giving
the mice names! They will be enjoyed by children and staff alike for a long time, thank you."

A massive thank you to Paintings in Hospitals!