Listening to all our children about their wishes, feelings and aspirations is very important to the staff at Cherry Trees.

After every visit the children are asked for feedback about their stay which is documented in their notes which are regularly reviewed. 

As a charity promoting the ethos of inclusion, active two way communication with people with disabilities is an important part of that and so we ensure we talk to and ask our children for their ideas of what they would like to do, eat and activities they want to enjoy when with us. 

They have their own notice-board where these ideas and information updates are brightly displayed for all to see. Requests made and information about activities we want to share with them is displayed there. The staff will encourage the children to read and understand through verbal explanations or images such as PECS images. 

Activities and what matters to our young people is shared here 

Fostering this feeling of giving our young people a voice and to encourage their input, we run a child questionnaire every 6 months. We will sit down with our children and ask them questions about the running of our house, how happy they are here and other questions on food and activities. 

Children's views

In our last children's questionnaire, completed surveys showed us:

* 15 out of 16 children circled a happy face when at Cherry Trees. 

* 100% told us they like the food - apple crumble being one of the favourites (!) 

* Activities children really enjoy are cooking, being in the art room and games in the garden.

What are some of the things they told us recently ?!

'The building is strong and I don't feel lonely' (when asked if they feel safe here)  

"I'm feeling a little emotional - Cherry Trees has re-opened for business and I've missed you!"

"I make more friends because I meet new children"

"I like making jam sandwiches at Cherry Trees"

What do you enjoy most at Cherry Trees?

"Soft play"

"Sensory room"

"Big blue bus"

"Going out with my friends on trips. We went to Pizza Express for my birthday"

Care Worker Emma proves she willing to give it a-go.... dancing in the playroom, cited by our

children as one thing they love doing when coming here.