I can only imagine what it must have felt like to wake up on a Sunday morning to an email notifying you of a £2,000 lottery win. Shock, surprise, excitement... the lot. For Cherry Trees supporter Peter, the week couldn't have ended any better.

While chatting to us about his win, Peter shares that he's never had much luck with lotteries, this one being his very first win. He says, "I couldn't believe it, I only signed up a month ago!" If that isn't fast return on investment we don't know what is! 

He wanted to play the Guildford Lottery having heard about it in our monthly Cherry Bite newsletter. Happy to support Cherry Trees, he thought he'd give it a go for a little while, never expecting to come away with a £2,000 win. With tickets just £1 and 50p going directly to Cherry Trees, it's a fantastic low-cost way to support our little charity. 

When asked what he'll use his prize for, Peter said with a grin "my birthday is coming up soon, so I might treat myself to dinner at a nice restaurant. We haven't been out much these past two years, so it will be really special. The rest will go to good causes like the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine." 

If you'd like to try your luck, you can sign up to play the Guildford Lottery here: https://www.guildfordlottery.org/support/cherry-trees