During the last two weeks of July, High Clandon Estate Vineyard transformed into an exhibition centre for 55 local artists to display their beautiful work. We saw household animals made of wire or clay, mobile abstract glass sculptures, colourful and thought-provoking paintings and many more impressive creations. All set against the stunning wildflower meadows of the property. 

A huge thank you to Patron Sibylla and husband Bruce Tindale for running yet another successful event, raising a whopping £14,466 for Cherry Trees. We are eternally thankful for their tireless work, fabulous energy and never-ending desire to support Cherry Trees. This comes after years of support from the Tindales, and adds to the already large contribution they have made towards helping Cherry Trees provide vital respite care to children with complex disabilities. 

A portion of this sum was raised on the 25th of July as part of the NGS Open Day cake stall, run by volunteers who braved the cold and wet in order to support Cherry Trees. A massive thank you goes to them too!

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Photo credits: L Hunnable and Z Kiss