Surrey’s Lord Lieutenant launches High Clandon Vineyard’s 2016 Euphoria Cuvée, their Art & Sculptures event and celebrates important links with Cherry Trees Charity.

The Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, Michael More-Molyneux  launched High Clandon’s Euphoria Cuvée 2016 vintage, to mark the opening of their Art & Sculptures in the Vineyard summer exhibition and High Clandon’s long-standing links since 2014, with Cherry Trees. 

Visiting High Clandon Estate Vineyard on a sunny Saturday 17th July, the Lord Lieutenant and Mrs Sarah More-Molyneux launched the 2016 vintage Euphoria Cuvée with aplomb by sabraging the sparkling Cuvée bottle. Never before having performed this dramatic Napoleonic flourish with a sabre to remove a champagne cork, the Lord Lieutenant took up a quick lesson with co-owners of High Clandon, Sibylla and Bruce Tindale (whose speciality this is), before placing sword to bottle neck and taking aim! 

"With much jollity and joshing, one swift sweep of the sabre, the cork flew off and the sparkling Cuvée gushed, " said Owner Sibylla Tindale. 

A celebration of summer, the extensive Art & Sculptures exhibition runs for a fortnight (Saturday 17th July - 1st August). The event now a solid calendar fixture locally, gives visitors the chance to explore the setting, purchase the Surrey Hills grown wine, and help raise money for a local children's charity thanks to donations and a percentage of art and wine sales donated.  The long-term relationship between High Clandon and Cherry Trees, has seen over £31,900 raised by the Tindales over the years.

After touring the vineyard with a short amusing exposé of the Tindale’s viticulture on their chalky terroir, they then met with 3 of the 55 artists on show, before opening the Sculpture exhibition with the sabrage.

Meeting the artists, Malcolm West whose speciality is Marble and Portland stone sculpture with classical allusions, chiselled a stone block to shape the next Icarus. Mrs More-Molyneux whose forbear was an eminent sculptor, had a go with the chisels. This followed with a demonstration of clay carving from Alan Wallis who must be one of the wittiest sculptors in England, and met with the eminent glass blower, Adam Aaronson whose pieces are on show again this year within the wildflower meadow. 

Meeting the CEO of Cherry Trees, Claire Bryant, and members of the fundraising team, Jane Hunnable and Debbie Boulter the Lord Lieutenant learnt more about Cherry Trees work. With the impressive track record of remaining open right across the pandemic, a visit later in the year to Cherry Trees is planned for the Lord Lieutenant and his wife, to see our work first hand. 

Cherry Trees staff join Patron Sibylla Tindale, Bruce,

and HM Lord Lieutenant of Surrey and Sarah Molyneux-More. 


Who is the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey?

The role is a significant and longstanding one, linked to the crown, law and order and in more contemporary times adds presence to community and charitable events. Read more about the role of the Lieutenancy here. 

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