Today (01/04/2020) Cherry Trees CEO, Claire Bryant has written to all families currently supported by Cherry Trees explaining our charity's decision and efforts to remain open during COVID-19. Innovative and additional measures have been put in place for every visit to ensure we deliver the safe and well run respite breaks we are known for, particularly at this time. 

For parents wanting to read a copy of Claire's letter, click HERE , so you can see all that we are doing to ensure we can carry on being here for you and your family, as well as some essential advice around bringing your child to and from Cherry Trees.  

A copy of our COVID-19 Policy is also available here for you to DOWNLOAD NOW

How does this decision fit in with the Government's plans for people with disabilties and The Care Act 2014 ? 

Cherry Trees remains open during COVID-19, regarded as an essential support measure in each child's 'Child Protection, Child in Need or Looked After Child' plan, whilst the Government has stated they see the increased need for more care services specifically for "disabled people, their carers, and their families during this challenging time." 

Today (01/04/2020) the Government have stated they support care settings (such as Cherry Trees) to remain open ensuring we can  "provide that vital support to families wherever possible”, whilst Surrey County Council have recently stated; 

‘We support Cherry Trees' approach to stay open for children (during the COVID-19 situation) and appreciate the measures you have taken to continue this’.

From the outset of COVID-19 we have recognised the need to continue to offer support to our families who may feel like that they can't cope under the increased strain of all being at home continuously. 

Lockdown is hard for us all at this time, but we recognise for Cherry Trees families, it is even more so. Our priority is always to support families and prevent family breakdown. 

For more information on the Government's announcement regarding care and support for people with disabilities go to:

We will be continually updating our news pages during the Corona Virus, keeping in touch with our families, staff and supporters through written communications and via our social media pages and will do all we can to keep you all up to date with our work in the house and in fundraising during the evolving and unprecedented events we are all experiencing.