If I’m not training in central London around Hyde Park, a personal favourite of mine is to run from my home in Cranleigh all along the railway line. It's such a unique historic part of the area and one of the few routes that's completely traffic free and flat! The route is very tranquil, only fellow runners, cyclists, dog walkers, horse riders are around. I've even seen owls on some sessions. Most of my runs have been a steady 10 mile stretch, and I have got Reading Half Marathon booked in to push me on as part of my training. I’m aiming to get my longest runs up to at least 22 miles before the marathon it’self because I want to come home with a good time, deliver on my race promise to my friends and family and in turn bring those pounds to the purse of Cherry Trees.

 My advice to others training for endurance events is make a plan, but don’t be a slave to it. Often I end my runs along with the reward of a good breakfast at Shalford’s Snooty Fox – Porridge and a flat white does the trick!

Looking around for charities locally and CT really stood out, for us, because everything we would raise would really make a difference – a genuine difference, we didn’t want all that we intend to raise to get lost and we can see the impact that it will have. We are local boys and it’s near to where we grew up. We have chosen Cherry Trees to fundraise for because the work that goes on is fantastic. We know that this local charity will really reap the benefits of every penny we manage to raise. The way that Cherry Trees offers a service beneficial to both children and families we feel is invaluable. 

At the moment we are in the most important phase of our training, but we are also in the middle of organising our own barn dance! My friends and I decided we would go for it by organising a fundraising event as our way of getting donations in. We did one a few years ago and it worked really well, so this time around we are hosting a barn dance at Shalford village hall. It’s called The Surrey Hills Hoedown! James Peck my running partner has done loads already – over 80 people are coming, the band is booked, hay bales ordered, we’ve been in touch with local breweries, decorations are coming along nicely and the best bit so far ? My friends clubbing together to pay for a 'bucking broncho' for on the night!!! Our band 'The Orange Circus' should be brilliant for getting people up and dancing. 

Donations to support our trio of marathon runners can be made on their challenge page on our website. 



Glen and his friends fun and creative approach in going about their fundraising, choosing to organise their own event, puts them on course to hopefully see them raise over £1,000 for us in one night with their ticket and raffle ticket sales. Supporters like Glen and his friends, willing to put themselves out there for us make a huge difference to the amount we raise each year and we at Cherry trees have been impressed by their challenge choice and fundraising approach.

Inspired ? Want to get involved with something active for us like our amazing supporters Glen, and the Peck brothers ? Check out our events pages for places in some of 2019’s major running and swimming fixtures. By saying yes to lacing up and diving in, you could help raise money for Cherry Trees, keeping families together - our much needed respite care is a lifeline to many.