Cherry Trees is thrilled to share news of our first successful fundraiser raising money as part of the newly launched 40 Challenges for 40 Years campaign. 

Alan Dowson, (Dowse) First Team Manager for Woking Football Club fronted the launch of the campaign for Cherry Trees pledging his own forty day challenge of no drinking, going completely dry for an extended period, well beyond the usual and popular 'dry January' period. 

Overnight several donations were made, meaning Dowse breezed into the 40th and final day of being alcohol free hitting his target of £1,000 in donations well before midday. Support given by players and managment at the football club, the club shop, friends, family and even the local fruit and veg shop in Woking - 'Boz's Fruit' all helped him get there. 

"It's hunky dorey great news! " said the excited Manager, "I am thrilled for Cherry Trees because I had my heart set on raising that amount and knew I could bring it home for them. I know there's more money to come thanks to my red Cherry Trees collecting tins out in the community and there's one at the bar of my favourite pub - Blackie's in Woking. I'm going to keep the tins there for the next week so people can put a few pounds in to try and raise a little more because it's such a good charity - thanks to everyone for helping me stay dry and raise loads!"

Motivated by meeting some of the Cherry Trees children and their families at the end of 2019 Alan has been committed to sticking to the resolution of no drinking having seen the work the charity does and is working with the charity on another high profile celebrity fundraiser at the club, which is currently under wraps.

More details about the event will be announced Tuesday 25th February! Watch our social media pages for details.

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40 Challenges for 40 years is a fun, low cost and easy to get involved with fundraiser to help Cherry Trees mark 40 years of work supporting families locally. Check out our suggested list of 40 challenges, or like Alan set your own! Full fundraising support given and we welcome hearing from people with their own ideas. Contact: [email protected]