Cherry Trees new partnership with Woking Football club has seen the new year arrive with a pledge from the top to fundraise for our charity at the helm of 2020. 

Highly sociable and a keen regular at his local -'Blackie's' of Woking, First Team Manager Alan Dowse has now set himself his own new year challenge to live alcohol free for 40 days. 

Whilst it's very common for thousands of people to bin the booze and embark on dry January, Alan's added on an ten extra days, instead of stopping at the end of January, as a nod to our 40th anniversary year.

Alan, keen to support Cherry Trees is our first challenge fundraiser for 2020 and launches our campaign '40 Challenges For 40 Years'. The campaign is a fun way of fundraising which anyone of any age, location and ability can join in with at anytime. '40 Challenges For 40 Years' gives Cherry Trees supporters 40 suggested mini fundraisers to have a go at for the next 12 months. 

The Cards Manager knows it will mean no post match celebratory Heinekan's and has instead shifted his focus to picking up kettlebells in the gym instead of a pint, now opting for an allround new year health kick with regular gym sessions too.

"I'm just really keen to help you and want to raise that grand for you all, because I've seen some of the Cherry Trees children when they came down to the stadium and know £1000 will go a long way." 

Cherry Trees community partnership with Woking Football club commenced in October 2019 with children from Cherry Trees given an access all areas tour of the club. Families that are supported by Cherry Trees are also being given match days tickets for games across the season. 

Please get behind Alan by sponsoring his efforts - could you donate the equivalent of a pint - £3.30 ? DONATE HERE to help him reach his goal. Thank you! 

First Team Manager, Alan Dowson seen here, (back right) has welcomed Cherry Trees into the club with

visits and planned fundraisers across the year. 

Fancy being like Alan and raising some money for Cherry Trees this year ?

Just found us or know our charity well ? We need lots of people to take on some fundraising for us this year. Do you work in a large team and could get your colleagues behind you, ask them to join in or challenge your boss to race you to complete them ? Perhaps you have a friend who has benefitted from Cherry Trees services or perhaps you have been looking for some fresh fundraising inspiration.

Our '40 Challenges For 40 Years' sheet is there for anyone to have a go at. Download the sheet HERE. 

A pick and mix of fundraisers!