Hello, my name is Theo English and this week I haven’t been at school as I have been doing work experience at Cherry Trees. 

On Monday I met Rob Hope, who is the Head of Fundraising and Communications at Cherry Trees, and he explained everything about their charity, from how it was founded to what their aims are, what is needed and how it is run. It really opened my eyes to what they are trying to do and how they are going to raise money through hosting events so that they can continue the good work they're doing. 

On Tuesday I went with Rob and Paula Rankin, who is the Head of Care at Cherry Trees, to visit a local community garden called Grace and Flavour. They are so enthusiastic about wanting to help raise money for the charity. They are setting up a day in which they can help to raise money and were also very keen on having the children come down and visit the gardens to experience all that they have there. This would prove to be very helpful and engaging for the children as they get to experience something new, see all the colours and enjoy the smells and scenery. 

The fundraising team come up with many ideas of how to raise money for the charity. One of them is to put on a sponsored cycle from Cherry Trees to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. I helped them plan a route and set stop points throughout their cycle, finding places to refill water bottles, stock up on snacks and food and go to the toilet. I also had to find the hospitals, train stations and other local points that could prove helpful when they come to ride in September. 

I also got the opportunity to help out in the house where I got to meet a lot of their very welcoming and kind staff who explained to me what they do to help the children and their families, by taking care of the child overnight to allow the rest of the family some time without so that they can relax in an aim to keep the family together. 

In the house I helped out doing jobs such as coming on school runs in their mini bus, making beds and helping them in the kitchen, whether that be unpacking the shopping and sorting out the fridge, and also helping them clear up after the children have had their food. 

Throughout my whole week here I found that everyone is very friendly and lovely to be around and I can see why and how this helps families with children who have disabilities. I can see how this may be key to keeping some families together, who may never be able to have that breather or relaxation time to themselves because of their child’s disability so Cherry Trees have been able to let parents and carers have that time to themselves. 

From what I have witnessed over the last week, I believe it is a brilliant charity that is well worth having.