Lending a hand because we care 

We all know that money worries can be are some of the worst, making us feel anxious, affect our sleep and disrupt the harmony of relationships at home.

Research has shown that life for a family with a child with disabilities can be expensive. With higher costs to cover and often with one parent unable to work due to the care needs of dependents, income can be 24% lower than average households. (Source Disabled Children’s Partnership, June 2019). With the global pandemic detrimentally affecting employment rates, job security for some has been taken away. We don’t want our families to undergo anymore stress at this time.

We are here to support the whole family and our brand new Cherry Trees Welfare Fund is critical in delivering financial support to families in times of need.

Newly introduced in 2021 our Welfare Fund can help bridge the gap to cover unexpected costs.

The application process is straight forward, meaning we can respond swiftly to the situation, in confidence.

Applicants can apply multiple times should they need to.

What can the fund cover?

It is a one-off payment which is a safety net, with the fund to help times of specific need and for ongoing daily living costs including:

  • groceries,
  • food vouchers,
  • clothing (including shoes),
  • much loved toys,
  • specialist equipment,
  • activities

We are also able to provide cooked, nutritious meals thanks to our in house and qualified Chef, considering any dietary needs, however complex they may be to cover periods of family illness, separation or difficulty.

How to apply.

Please fill in our form and then return to: [email protected]

The subject line should read: In Confidence – Welfare 2021 

Download the application form HERE. 

Banner image credit: Nick Fewings via Unsplash