At Cherry Trees we provide a number of different types of stays dependent on your requirements and the needs of your child. These include:

    • Short induction visits from 4pm–6pm or 4pm-7pm
    • Day care from 10am – 6pm 
    • Overnight midweek from school: from 4pm - 9am
    • 24 hours overnight: from 10am to 10am the following day
    • Multiples of 24 hour overnights to a maximum of 17 days.

All new children will be given a key-worker and have a bespoke transition plan starting with short induction visits, working up to day-cares and then overnights at their pace.

Parents often use a combination of our visits to enable them to work, have days out with siblings that might otherwise be difficult or even have a much needed couples night away! 


"Wow - thank you so much for the reminder of the offer of an overnight last night. It's very rare that we send Callum to Cherry Trees without a reason of us needing to do something which we can't take him to. It was such a treat and I am feeling so recharged this morning! We treated ourselves to pizzas (so no cooking) and even managed to have a soak in the bath - I never have time for this normally. This morning we slept a half hour later and there was no rush!!  Feeling very spoilt and it's a sunny day."