Hey everyone!

Dates and deadlines can have a funny effect on people. For some they're motivational, others they inspire panic and for some they're just another date. For me the 14th April is motivational, but it’s the dates closer to hand that nag at me between work and family stuff- a 20 miler that I need to get in this week and a trail marathon penciled in for next month.

The nags were getting louder. I was on track (and still am) with my training plan so what's the issue? Was the jump in distance a bit much? Was it that I had an race booked in?

Then the below was sent to me by my running app- my year (well, from August) in running. It starts from when I decided to run for Cherry Trees and started to train for this challenge.

Seeing what I have done and where I started really gave me the slap I needed. 20 miles is only 3km more that I did a few weeks back!

Trail marathon, bring it on….Dates are motivational again. I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to donate: