300 Easter Eggs Delivered to Cherry Trees

Thanks to the generous donation of Taylor Wimpey, the children and staff at Cherry Trees won't be without Easter eggs this spring. Read more

Cherry Trees Supporter Wins £2,000

WE HAVE A WINNER!! This week brought good news for a Cherry Trees supporter Peter, with a notification of a £2,000 Guildford Lottery win landing in his inbox. Read more

Girls Day out in Guildford

It was all smiles over February Half term as two best friends hopped into our minibus for a Girls Day Out in the local area. Read on to find out about all the girly shenanigans that went down... Read more

'Stuff the Time'

Chris chats to Simon about his experience representing Cherry Trees in RideLondon. Simon offers his insight into the training process and getting the most out of your RideLondon Experience. Read more

A celebration of Care in the Community

Four local charities showcase the world of care through an inspiring and honest look into the vital role that care plays in our community. Read more

Goodbye After 13 Years: An Interview

After more than a decade at Cherry Trees, last week marked Deputy Manager Alfie Colucci-Jones' last days with us. Read about his story here. Read more

Collaboration is vital: a view from a small charity

There is a magic power. Collaboration. This month's post looks at the impact of the Disabled Children's Partnership, a group of 90 charities who support children with disabilities, working together. Read more

Going Green: Our Steps Towards Becoming an Eco-Friendly Charity

Cherry Trees provides exceptional respite care to children with complex disabilities while being conscious of reducing our environmental footprint. Find out how! Read more

Spring Volunteering is Off to a Great Start

A lot has happened in the last year for all of us, but one notable moment has been the uplift in the numbers of people wanting to volunteer. This month's column looks at the contribution volunteers make everyday to their community. Read more

Obesity & Children with Disabilities

Obesity linked to young people with disabilities is rarely considered in wider conversations around the nation's health. This month's Surrey Advertiser contributor column considers health at a time when many are embracing the re-opening of gyms and leisure facilities. Read more


Cherry Trees joins a conservation project to help populations of returning Swifts from Africa as part of our 2021 greener considerations. Read on to find out about the homing scheme and for details on how you can also help. Read more